Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice


This book was written by two of the authors of Dynamic Enterprise Architecture (DEA) as a follow on. If you purchased that book then you should probably get a copy of what is practically a companion volume.

The book presents a model for accessing how well your EA practice is doing and how to improve those things that need to be. Which are often obvious and devastatingly simple, if we could just see them.

This a typical piece of European EA writing, no nonsense, concise and direct. Designed to be used by those managing EA groups it is obviously best suited to those that have adopted the Dynamic Enterprise Architecture philosophy for whom its straight talking advice will come as no surprise. Even if you haven’t heard of DEA, but you are looking to give the old practice a bit of a checkup I’d recommend you take a look at this book. But be warned if you are not a DEA er  it might take a little bit of effort to get your head around their point of view.

What van den Berg and van Steenbergen offer is a two dimensional way of looking at EA that I believe leaves the typical “lets keep doing more of the same only more rigorously” capability maturity models where they belong … in the gutter. The two vans take Wagter et al’s (2005) Quadrant model which classifies EA practices as Isolated, Losing, Barrier, and Enabling and give the reader an objective way of plotting their position on the Quadrant. This won’t be easy reading for a lot of practices. However, if you have the courage to do it the rewards are there, because they do have concrete answers to your problems which are clearly the result of experience. No over synthesized symmetrical assessment models for these guys, just an effective tool which sometimes does look a little untidy. But rest assured they do not make things up to balance the model.

This book is 200+ pages of systematic wisdom and is the sort of book a practice should revisit on a regular basis. If you have Dynamic Enterprise Architecture by Wagter et al. (2005) then I’d say that this book is almost a must. If don’t, think a little more carefully be for you send your money.

Van Den Berg, Martin and Van Steenbergen, Marlies (2006), Building an Enterprise Architecture Practice, Sogeti, Springer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

ISBN 978-4020-5605-5

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